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Since 1974, the Builders Association of Minnesota (BAM) has represented members and their businesses at the Minnesota State Capitol, before regulatory agencies, and before the state’s courts of law. Industry unity is good business.

The residential construction industry is a huge economic driver for the State economy. We contribute $1.3 billion annually in income for Minnesota residents and more than 19,000 jobs. BAM - as the state association - is a collaboration of all 11 local associations across our great state in addition to At-Large Members in the Twin Cities. We exist because we know we’re stronger together.

BAM brings the statewide home building industry and association together. As your advocate, we push for common sense laws that would benefit our members and our industry. As your watchdog, we strive to protect our industry from harmful legislation, regulation, and litigation. Further, there are many additional perks that come with a BAM membership. (Click the link below to find out more!)

Builders Association membership is a three-for-the-price-of-one deal. You join at the your local association where you can build your professional network. You get education, events, leadership opportunities, and good fun with your local peers. At the state level – your membership with the Builders Association of Minnesota (BAM) is where all the local associations come together. NAHB is your national association. If your area does not have an affiliated local association, we’ve got you covered! Access membership with BAM and NAHB as an At-Large member! For more information on At-Large membership, contact info@bamn.org!

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Builders Association membership is a 3-in-1 deal and delivers three times the value for your business and bottom line. Membership starts at your local builders association where you join and are automatically a member of all three associations: local, state (that’s BAM) and national. Join by contacting your local builders association, then give us a call (651-646-7959) and we’ll set you up with a user name and password. Check out the map or these regional links.

Already a member of your local association? Give us a call to get your username and password (651-646-7959).

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