Government Relations

Action happens fast at the Capitol when our representatives are in session. BAM’s Government Relations committee develops the legislative agenda and meets weekly during the legislative session to make decisions and direct BAM’s lobbying staff. The group meets as necessary the remainder of the year.

Government Relations Members:
  • 2015 Committee Chair: KC Chermak, Pillar Homes,
  • ABA: Terry Hammack, Anderson Hammack,
  • ABA: David Hyoppenen, St. Germain Cabinets,
  • ABA: Tim Johnson, Lakeside Advanced Builders,
  • ABA: Jerry Kortesmaki, London Road Rental Center,
  • ABA: Keith Kylmala, Kylmala Truss,
  • ABA: Jim Wallner, RWC Construction, Inc.;
  • BATC: Kurt Welker, Welker Construction Services, LLC,
  • CMBA: Mike Gohman, W. Gohman Construction,
  • CMBA: Steve Noble, Noble Custom Homes,
  • HBA: Howie Zetah, Zetah Construction,
  • HBA: Roz Leighton, HBA,
  • LRBA: Nick Green, Green's Plumbing & Heating,
  • LRBA: Bryan Schoenberger, Modern Living Concepts,
  • MMBA: Ray Austin, Kuepers, Inc.,
  • NMBA: Ben Edwards, Edwards La Plant Construction,
  • NMBA: Dale Juntunen, Juntunen Enterprises,
  • NMBA: Larry Curtiss, Curtiss Construction,
  • RAB: Steve Buss, Cornerstone Builders Inc,
  • RAB: John Eckerman, Boldt Company,
  • RAB: Dan Groteboer, Edina Realty,
  • RAB: Mike Paradise, Bigelow Homes,
  • WCBA: Chad Kompelien, Kompelien Custom Home,
  • WCBA: Kal Torkelson, West Central Roofing,
  • Local Association Staff - BATC: James Vagle,
  • Local Association Staff - CMBA: Jane DeAustin,
  • Local Association Staff - RAB: Matt Limoges,
  • Local Association Staff - NMBA: Carrie Olds, Northern MN Builders Association,
  • BAM Lobbying Team: Forrest Cyr, BAM;
  • BAM Lobbying Team: Brian Halloran, BAM, Redmond Associates, Inc.,
  • BAM Lobbying Team: Rob Moschet, Builder's Assn of Minnesota;
  • BAM Lobbying Team, Andrea Perzichilli, Builder's Assn of Minnesota,
  • BAM Lobbying Team, Larry Redmond, Builder's Assn of Minnesota,
  • BAM Lobbying Team, Remi Stone, Builder's Assn of Minnesota,
  • Kathe Ostrom, CN Ostrom and Son, Inc.
  • George Cundy, Terrace Design & Development

Legal Action

BAM’s Legal Action Committee (LAC) exists to protect the statewide housing and residential development and building industry through litigation, submitting amicus curae briefs, and taking legal action regarding a pending legal or regulatory matter. BAM’s LAC encourages and supports the filing of high quality litigation that addresses major industry issues.

Legal Action Members:
  • ABA: Raymond Moe, Raymond Moe Construction,
  • ABC HBA: Vacant
  • CMBA: Steve Noble, Noble Custom Homes,
  • RAB: Brent Buchan, Energy Products & Design,
  • WCBA: Chad Kompelien, Mike Kompelien Custom Homes,


The Builders Association of Minnesota – Political Action Committee (BAM-PAC) is a voluntary, non-profit committee affiliated with the Builders Association of Minnesota that exists to raise individual political action committee funds for disbursement to candidates supporting the homebuilding and remodeling Industry. Learn more about how to donate here>>

BAM-PAC Members:
  • 2015 Committee Chair: Keith Kylmala, Kylmala Truss,
  • 2015 Vice Chair: KC Chermak, BATC, (BAM President Elect), Pillar Homes Parner Inc.,
  • CMBA: Mike Gohman, W Gohman Construction,
  • LRBA: Rick Michaelson, Modern Heating & Plumbing,
  • MRBA: Eric Peters, Wells Federal Bank,
  • NMBA: Richard Larson, Larson Construction Inc,
  • RAB: David Pederson, Dunlap & Seeger,
  • SCBA: Kurt Welker, Welker Construction Services,
  • VIKING: Neil Jenzen, Alex Brick,
  • WCBA: Steve Fladeboe, Excel Overhead Door,
  • BUILD PAC 2015 Alternate: Joe Weis, Weis Builders,
  • EX OFFICIO: WCBA: Mike Paradise, BAM President, Bigelow Homes,
  • STAFF: Remi Stone, Treasurer and Executive VP, BAM,

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