Advocate and Watchdog, Article II, Sec. II “A Unified Industry Voice”

BAM: Advocate and Watchdog
Article II, Section II (2016)
By Forrest Cyr, Director of Government Affairs and Communications

“A Unified Industry Voice”

As part of BAM’s government affairs program, the policy adoption process unifies our collective industry voice. Taking input from membership around the state, BAM’s professional staff assembled a comprehensive document outlining the association’s positions on numerous policy issues affecting our industry.

With the 2016 legislative session starting on March 8, BAM staff and lobbyists have set the association’s proactive agenda with items from our policy manual. As your advocates, we work for you, and advocate for issues that matter to you and your business. We’re thrilled to bring our message to the legislature.

Unlicensed Builders Hurt Consumers
BAM seeks to increase the penalty for failing to obtain a local building permit. Currently a misdemeanor, the Builders Association of Minnesota advocates to reclassify this offense as a gross misdemeanor.

Less Warranty Litigation, More Owner Occupied Properties
The threat of warranty litigation is too high. Contractors avoid building multi-family owner occupied properties due to the consequences of CIC liability. Changes in this law needs to be made and BAM seeks to require the Notice and Opportunity to Repair (NOR) process be exhausted before negligence and breach of contract claims can be brought with the objective to drive down HOA driven litigation.

Moratoria is a Major Land Use Decision
Cities, counties, and townships adopt land use moratoria without reasonable notice or appropriate majority. BAM seeks to require local governments to publish notices prior to a moratorium. BAM also seeks to require a super majority vote to establish a moratorium.

Code Adoption Process Restructuring
BAM seeks a more transparent code adoption process and greater weight given to the code recommendations made by professionals in the field. Specifically, BAM will work to make all CCAC/TAG recommendations binding, as well as require DLI to track and report on the final disposition of all recommendations made during the rulemaking process.

And More…
Working with industry partners, we expect to engage the legislature on appraisal conformity with federal law, make sure local governments are prohibited from adopting a patch-work of pay and scheduling ordinances, and manage truck weight limitations to make it easier to move materials.

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