Advocate and Watchdog, Article II, Sec. V “What’s the difference?  BAM-PAC. BUILD PAC. Housing 1st”

BAM: Advocate and Watchdog

Article II, Sec. V (2016)

By Forrest Cyr, Director of Government Affairs and

What’s the difference?

Housing First Family of Funds.

Builders Association of Minnesota members have many options
for how to make political donations. With so many options, which is the best
for you? These options all play distinct and valuable roles in the current
political climate.

Below are some facts about the three main funds that members
hear about and what they can and cannot do.

In 2016, it is essential to have healthy political funds,
and your donations are incredibly valuable to our advocacy efforts. Donate

In Short:

BAM-PAC, Housing First PAC, Build PAC are traditional political action committees and can contribute
directly to campaigns. They can only accept personal donations, and has limits on the size of donations.
Donations to and contributions from these committees are reportable to the government.

Independent expenditure funds and 501c4 non-profit issue communications funds cannot
contribute directly to campaigns, but have no limits on size of donations or
where these donations come from. The Housing First Family of Funds contains both an independent expenditure and
501c4 funds. Donations to andexpenditures from an independent expenditure fund is reportable to the
government, however, activity of issue communications related non-profits are
not reportable to the government.

BAM-PAC – Contributes Directly to Campaigns Throughout Minnesota

· State Legislative Races MN: MN House and MN

· BAM-PAC contributes directly to all MN state
legislative candidates.

· Candidates can use BAM-PAC donations to pay
staff, rent, travel expenses, and other essential campaign expenses essential
to running a campaign.

· Builds and strengthens one-on-one relationships
with legislators statewide.

· This fund can only accept personal contributions
– no union, corporate, or any non-personal donations.

Build-PAC – Contributes Directly to National Congressional Campaigns

Affiliated with NAHB, Build-PAC is the national PAC that
contributes directly to campaigns in congressional races around the country,
and has similar benefits to BAM-PAC.
Like BAM-PAC, only personal dollars are accepted. These
funds cannot be used in state legislative races.

Housing First Family of Funds – Electioneering, Issue Communications, & Campaigns

Three Funds

o Housing First Fund - independent expenditure “Super PAC”

o Housing First Network - issue communications non-profit

o Housing
First – traditional PAC like BAM-PAC & BUILD PAC

· Housing First Fund and Housing First Network

o Can purchase unlimited election communications – direct mail, TV ads, radio ads,

o No limit on size of donations accepted or on money spent

o No restriction on where donations can come from: union, corporate, personal, etc.

o Strictly prohibited from coordinating with campaigns or candidates. Cannot donate to
candidates or campaigns, and must operate completely independently of political

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