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NAHB Spring Board Report

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Happy Summer from your NAHB State Rep, Kathe Ostrom. I returned from the NAHB Spring Board meeting in Washington DC feeling grateful for Minnesota’s weather. If you think MN is muggy… WOW it’s a sauna in DC! There is lots of politicking within NAHB for the upcoming election of our… Read More...

Randy Noel Endorsed for NAHB Race

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NAHB elections should be on your radar.  I’m Kathe Ostrom, your NAHB MN State Rep and there is a contested election for the 2015 NAHB Third Vice Chair position.  I know… the news channels are filled with election hoopla for local, state and national government races too.  And… Read More...

Down the Appraisal Rabbit Hole

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Well, it’s been a dry spell since things that make me crazy have shown up. But at IBS, the Exec Committee was given a report, “State Appraisal Regulatory Board Best Practices”, on a GAO publication (Government Accountability Office) entitled ‘Real Estate Appraisals – Appraisal… Read More...

Success: NAHB 2015 ICC Wins

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I saw SNOW! Yep. It mysteriously appeared on the mountain peaks during a rainstorm in Colorado Springs.  This is your NAHB State Rep, Kathe Ostrom, and I recently returned from the Fall Board meeting where the weather was sunny and beautiful AND cold and rainy.  Gee! Did I leave… Read More...

She's Back! Kathe Ostrom on the NAHB Council-Committee Appointment Process

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Hey! Where have I been? It’s Kathe Ostrom again, your NAHB State Rep and this has been a crazy summer for me. Are you doing more with less staff? Well, I certainly am….but I am not complaining….at least not a lot! I recently returned from my first NAHB Summer Exec meeting… Read More...

What is NAHB Doing About the Price of Materials?

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Hi! Kathe Ostrom, your Minnesota State Rep here asking, “Have you noticed the price of materials lately? What is NAHB doing about it?” The answer is NAHB is making efforts to decrease the impacts of the increase of material costs. Below is an economic summary and prediction for… Read More...

How's Your Local Association Doing?

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Hey, it’s Kathe Ostrom again - your Minnesota NAHB State Rep. I am calling local association presidents here in Minnesota to see how they are doing, asking if there are any problems that I or NAHB can help them with and just generally chatting about the state of the industry in… Read More...

NAHB Committee Appointment Process

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Kathe Ostrom, CN Ostrom & Son Minnesota’s NAHB State Rep There have been lots of rumblings, tumblings, and grumblings about the NAHB committee appointment process lately.  In Minnesota, there has been concern expressed about the number of Minnesota members given committee… Read More...

Guest Blogger Kathe Ostrom Reports on NAHB

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What has NAHB done for me lately?  Ever think this? My name is Kathe Ostrom, and I’m the NAHB State Rep for Minnesota. I’ve been a member of the builders association for over 20 years and run a remodeling company – CN Ostrom and Son. On this blog I plan to share observations and… Read More...

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