BAM Past Presidents

Jan 11, 2018

Each year, BAM has a new member president responsible for leading the board, the executive committee, and the association as a whole. It’s a big job and the commitment requires time and dedication. BAM is fortunate to have a long list of strong leaders that have stepped up to lead since BAM was started in 1974. Please join us in thanking the following Past Presidents:

2017 Kurt Welker

2016 K.C. Chermak

2015 Mike Paradise

2014 Chad Kompelien

2013 Chad Kompelien

2012 Keith Kylmala

2011 Todd Bjerstedt

2010 Mike Gohman

2009 Monte Mraz

2008 Kathe Ostrom

2007 Jim Gander

2006 Jeff Schoenwetter

2005 Steve Meister

2004 Tony Goulet

2003 Curt Swanson

2002 Jim Carlson

2001 Tom Walsky

2000 David Meyers

1999 Frank Kottschade

1998 Dale Gruber

1997 Tom Sinning

1996 Dennis Chuba

1995 Terri Refshaw

1994 Roger Forland

1993 Rick Mileski

1992 Kent Jefferson

1991 Jim Stanton

1990 Jim Stanton

1989 Ray Degeorgeo

1988 Roy Lund

1987 Duane Willenbring

1986 Dale Hallen

1985 Len Pratt

1984 Tom Bercher

1983 Harold Swanson

1982 Clyde Rehbein

1981 Wayne Wieber

1980 Charles Pfeffer

1979 Richard Hanson

1978 Jim Hill

1977 Clarence Buerman

1976 Ken Reinhardt

1975 Ken Reinhardt

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