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Who We Are

Since 1974, the Builders Association of Minnesota (BAM) has represented members and their businesses at the Minnesota State Capitol, before regulatory agencies and before the state’s courts of law. Industry unity is good business.

The residential construction industry is a huge economic driver for the state economy.We contribute $1.3 billion annually in income and more than 19,000 jobs for Minnesota residents. BAM – as the state association – is a collaboration of all 11 local associations across our great state in addition to At-Large Members in the Twin Cities. We exist because we know we’re stronger together.

BAM brings the statewide home building industry and association together. As your advocate, we push for common sense laws that will benefit our members and our industry. As your watchdog, we strive to protect our industry from harmful legislation, regulation and litigation. Further, there are many additional perks that come with a BAM membership. (Click the link below to find out more!)

Builders Association membership is a 3-for-the-price-of-1 deal. You join at your local association where you can build your professional network. You get education, events, leadership opportunities and good fun with your local peers. At the state level – your membership with the Builders Association of Minnesota (BAM) is where all the local associations come together. NAHB is your national association. If your area does not have an affiliated local association, we’ve got you covered! Access membership with BAM and NAHB as an At-Large Member! For more information on At-Large Membership, contact!

Check out our Top 10 Reasons It’s Good to be a Member and make sure you’re getting the most from your membership!


See All Staff

Executive Committee


See All Staff

Executive Committee


The BAM Hall of Fame is the most prestigious distinction BAM can bestow. Induction into the Hall of Fame honors those who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the housing industry in Minnesota and to the Builders Association of Minnesota. Members are chosen by current members of the Hall of Fame.

Bonnie Moeller
Craig Plekkenpol

Kathe Ostrom
Larry Cramer
Sandy Friend
Marvin Windows & Doors (Jake Marvin accepted)

Tom Sinning
Steve Meister
George Cundy

Robert Hanson
David Meyers
James Carlson

Dale Gruber
Hans Hagen
Len Pratt

Betty Hardle

Robert H. Mason
John Waldron

Joan Archer
Robert Bell
Orrin Thompson

Don Dahl
Lowell Pratt
Joe Weis

Marvin Anderson
Robert Gill
Dale Hallen
Harold Swanson
Robert Tilsen

Gerald Bauerly
Thomas Bercher
Marlin Grant
Richard Hanson
Roy Lund
Rachel Manley
Lawrence Nelson
James Stanton
Al TeWinkel
Robert Wallner
Duane Willenbring


Each year, BAM has a new member president responsible for leading the board, the executive committee and the association as a whole. It’s a big job and the commitment requires time and dedication. BAM is fortunate to have a long list of strong leaders that have stepped up to lead since BAM was started in 1974.

  • 2021 Howie Zetah
  • 2020 Howie Zetah
  • 2019 Steve Noble
  • 2018 Terry Hammack
  • 2017 Kurt Welker
  • 2016 K.C. Chermak
  • 2015 Mike Paradise
  • 2014 Chad Kompelien
  • 2013 Chad Kompelien
  • 2012 Keith Kylmala
  • 2011 Todd Bjerstedt
  • 2010 Mike Gohman
  • 2009 Monte Mraz
  • 2008 Kathe Ostrom
  • 2007 Jim Gander
  • 2006 Jeff Schoenwetter
  • 2005 Steve Meister
  • 2004 Tony Goulet
  • 2003 Curt Swanson
  • 2002 Jim Carlson
  • 2001 Tom Walsky
  • 2000 David Meyers
  • 1999 Frank Kottschade
  • 1998 Dale Gruber
  • 1997 Tom Sinning
  • 1996 Dennis Chuba
  • 1995 Terri Refshaw
  • 1994 Roger Forland
  • 1993 Rick Mileski
  • 1992 Kent Jefferson
  • 1991 Jim Stanton
  • 1990 Jim Stanton
  • 1989 Ray Degeorgeo
  • 1988 Roy Lund
  • 1987 Duane Willenbring
  • 1986 Dale Hallen
  • 1985 Len Pratt
  • 1984 Tom Bercher
  • 1983 Harold Swanson
  • 1982 Clyde Rehbein
  • 1981 Wayne Wieber
  • 1980 Charles Pfeffer
  • 1979 Richard Hanson
  • 1978 Jim Hill
  • 1977 Clarence Buerman
  • 1976 Ken Reinhardt
  • 1975 Ken Reinhardt
  • 1974 Ken Reinhardt
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