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Member Benefits & Discounts:

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Build With BAM:

Membership delivers value for your business and bottom line, and it’s a 3-for-1 deal giving your company 3 times the benefits. Click here to find your area’s local association to join and read on to hear what a BAM membership has to offer!

Drum roll please…

Number 10. Legislative Wins

Every year the government tries to make changes to the way you do business. That’s where we come in. BAM is at the State Capitol and has been for over 35 years. Together, we are 1,800 member businesses – which means our voice at the Capitol is strong – and we’ve successfully fought countless harmful bills over the years.

Number 9. Code Wins

Every 3 to 6 years the government gives us a new building code and membership ensures a seat at the codes table. BAM fights for safe, durable and affordable housing. We’re fighting for you.

Number 8. Legal Protection and Legal Wins

“You can’t handle the truth!” (Actually we know you can.) Court decisions impact your business, and just one decision can radically change your insurance rates or flip the home warranty around. BAM has a legal fund to fight member battles that affect the whole state. Members make decisions about which cases to take on, and we have a darn good track record.

Number 7. Discounts

Cha-ching! A cool part of a BAM membership is the discounts on stuff you use! Members have access to discounts on fuel at Holiday and office supplies at Office Depot as well as a 22% discount on your Verizon plan. Last year a handful of members received $35,000 in rebates from Holiday Stationstores alone! In addition, BAM’s rebate program gives, on average $900 back per year, and we haven’t even talked about the perks at your local and national associations! These awesome savings can more than pay for your annual membership. 

Number 6. Quality, Affordable Work Comp Coverage

Are you covered? The residential construction industry requires special insurance coverage. As a BAM member you have access to high quality, discounted coverage from The Builders Group.

Number 5. Contracts

Don’t waste your hard earned money and precious time creating your company contracts. BAM has it taken care of! We have six quality contract templates available for download for members-only. Drafted by attorneys that specialize in residential construction and updated when the law changes, these contracts are available in Word and PDF so you can download and edit the contracts right on your computer. These contracts are worth over $10,000. That’ll pay for your membership for years to come!

Number 4. Code Guides

When the government puts out a new code, you get the language but they don’t tell you HOW to build to it. BAM does. For members-only we put together detailed code guides – written by experts – so you know exactly how to build to the new code. This is one of our most popular resources downloaded the most by members. Make sure you’re a member – the new codes arrived in 2015 and the next ones are right around the corner!

Number 3. Win the Information Wars

In addition to discounts, having your back, fighting for you and providing tools and resources you need to do your job well…a BAM membership also means information! We make sure you’re in the know! Giving you the deets on what’s happening in the industry, at the Capitol and right here at BAM. We’re tweeting, blogging, posting on facebook, emailing, writing white papers and more.

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Number 2. It’s Easy To Start

Membership means:

Influence. Make decisions about real issues that affect your business, including laws and codes that govern the industry. BAM has several working committees on which members make important decisions, and we want YOU!

Leadership Training.The Executive Committee, other Committees and the BAM Board all provide leadership training. Making decisions for 2,000 member businesses takes leadership.

Political Education. At the Capitol it’s all about politics, and this is not a drill – it’s the real deal. It’s messy, it’s awesome and one of the coolest parts of being an American. What can you do for your country (and industry)?

Networking. Each year BAM holds events drawing statewide attendance, giving you the chance to meet new people, learn new things and grow your business.

And the NUMBER 1 REASON to join the Builders Association of Minnesota is UNITY

Membership means being the voice of the statewide industry at the State Capitol, the regulatory agencies and in the courts. Band together with us to present a collective voice for a better industry, a better economy and a better state.

Now… isn’t it time you got your BAM membership?

Click your area on the map and get started! Contact your local association for a membership application!

We can’t wait to meet you!