NAHB Orientation for EOs: Zoom

This event has ended

NAHB Orientation is scheduled for April 6, 2021. View the agenda and register.

What is the Purpose of the Program?

This orientation provides executive officers (EOs) the opportunity to become familiar with NAHB’s programs, products and services. Through networking with their peers and NAHB staff, EOs can more effectively articulate NAHB’s benefits and the services it makes available to HBAs and members.

Who’s Eligible?

NAHB Orientation is designed to benefit EOs with less than five (5) years of experience. However, all NAHB-affiliated full- and part-time EOs are eligible to register!

What Are My Attendance Obligations?

All attendees will be required to attend a day of meetings. Attendees must complete a program evaluation specifying how they and their respective HBAs benefited from attending; this includes what they found most beneficial and areas for improvement.

How to Apply

Registration is open through March 26, 2021.