Advocate and Watchdog, Article II, Sec. III “Day at the Capitol is Just the Beginning”

BAM: Advocate and Watchdog
Article II, Section III (2016)
By Forrest Cyr, Director of Government Affairs and Communications

“Day at the Capitol is Just the Beginning”

At Day at the Capitol, we had a great time coming together as an industry to spend the day with your legislators, fellow members, friends, BAM staff, and lobbyists. We love what we do - representing you and your business at the Capitol - and we were thrilled to have you come join us for a day of advocacy. However, Day at the Capitol is just the beginning!
As part of BAM’s contemporary and sustained government affairs program, we invite our members and local association staff to come spend the day with us at the Capitol throughout the session.

We aim to build as much political capital as possible with our friends at the legislature, and having our members at the Capitol is a great way to do so. It’s essential to BAM’s ongoing advocacy efforts to have a sustained member presence at the Minnesota State Capitol. Even though Day at the Capitol has come and gone, we invite our members to join us anytime in Saint Paul for legislative adventures.

We’ll find your legislators, sit in on a committee hearing, and maybe even see a fiery debate on the House or Senate floor! There’s always something to do and see, and we’d love to be your legislative tour guides. Plus, we’ll buy you a bowl of chili at the MnDOT Cafe, with as many oyster crackers as you can eat. Yum!
To join us at the Minnesota State Capitol, identify when would work for you, or for someone from your association, to come to Saint Paul. If you’d like to discuss this opportunity further, please don’t hesitate to contact me at, or call my cell at 612-248-4463. Schedule your Days at the Capitol today!

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