Advocate and Watchdog, Article II, Sec. IX - There are Other Important Elections in November!

BAM: Advocate and Watchdog
Article II, Sec. IX (2016)
By Forrest Cyr, Director of Government Affairs and Communications

There are Other Important Elections in November!

With much of the focus this election cycle squarely on the presidential race, it can be easy to forget that there are many other important races in Minnesota. With both the Minnesota Senate and House up for reelection, so much is at stake this November. The Builders Association of Minnesota and our eleven statewide local associations have a fantastic opportunity to help elect pro-housing candidates, and build relationships with both incumbents and challengers. How? Member nights!

Our members are our most valuable asset, and essential to our sustained and contemporary advocacy efforts at the Capitol. As the voice of the building industry in the state, it’s imperative that our statewide membership connects with the candidates. Let’s familiarize them with the home-building industry, and how the legislature’s work affects your business, family, and community. Each of our eleven associations are positioned perfectly to connect with incumbents running for reelection, AND with the challengers determined to unseat them.

In the coming months, the Builders Association of Minnesota will work with each of the statewide local associations to connect members to legislators at member nights leading up to November. This is such an important undertaking. As your lobbyists, we strive each session to pass meaningful legislation to strengthen our industry, and to stop bad bills from becoming law. BAM is so lucky to have an engaged, committed, and hard-working statewide membership, and that makes all the difference.

Thank you!

Contact Forrest Cyr at the Builders Association of Minnesota at 612-248-4463, or your local Executive Officer to learn more about these election events.

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