Technical Advisory Group Building Code Series 1 Meeting #2

Agenda: Technical Advisory Group
Building Code Series 1 Meeting #2

Date: Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Time: 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Location: WebEx Event

TAG members – registration is not required, please join from your panelist invitation. To
ensure your ability to connect, please attempt log in at least five minutes prior to the start
of the meeting. If for some reason you are unable to connect, contact Chad Payment at
for assistance.
Attendees – registration is required:

here to Register (if joining from a computing device) or visit the Department’s
website for registration, WebEx attendee instructions, and meeting materials at:

To participate by telephone, at the date and time listed above, you may call 415-
655-0003 or 855-282-6330 and enter access code: 248 772 65501.

Call to order

Remote meeting statement

Thank you for joining this remote meeting via Webex. As TAG lead, I have determined today’s meeting is via the
Webex platform due to the current status of the state of Minnesota due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Per
Minnesota Statutes, section 13D.021, of the Open Meeting Law, electronic meetings are acceptable when an in-
person meeting is “not practical or prudent because of a health pandemic or an emergency declared under
Chapter 12.”

Everyone present on this Webex event can hear all discussions.

All handouts discussed and Webex instructions are posted on the TAG’s webpage at

Participant and chat functions – Raise your hand before speaking

Click on “Participants” and “Chat” at the bottom right of your screen. Panels will open on the right side
of your screen.

Click the hand icon above the “Chat” section to signal you would like to speak; click it again to remove
the signal.

DLI staff members, TAG members and presenters (panelists)

All are able to mute and unmute their microphones.

Click the hand icon to indicate you wish to speak. If the host or chairperson says your name, unmute
yourself and state your name before speaking. Note that use of headphones may impact your


Members of the public (attendees)

All are able to hear everything, but can speak only if public input is requested, at which time the host
will unmute your microphone.

Only the host can receive chat messages. For technical assistance, send the host a chat or email
message. Contact Chad Payment at
Open forum or public input requested:

­ click on the hand icon or press *3 (for phone access) to indicate you would like to speak or send a
chat message to the host or email the host at [contact person’s email address];

­ if the host says your name, unmute yourself when it is your turn to speak; and

­ keep your comments to five minutes or fewer, mute yourself and click the hand icon to turn it off.

Agenda Items

1. Introduce Committee Members

2. Discuss meeting format and procedures

3. Presentation by Don Sivigny on the residential energy code and return on investment (ROI) calculations

Resources on residential energy codes:

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Status of State Residential Energy Code Profile for

Cost-Effectiveness of the 2021 IECC for Residential Buildings in Minnesota prepared by
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the DOE

DOE Status of Residential Energy Code Adoption by State

DOE Local Fact Sheet for Minneapolis, MN

4. Discussion of residential building permit fee based on cost of construction

5. Discussion of adult changing tables

6. Discussion of prohibition on code adoption prior to 2026

7. Discussion of
2SS-CG001-3 Housing Affordability Proposal

8. TAG member assignments for next meeting

9. Next meeting: December 7, 2021

10. Adjourn


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