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Minneapolis Fed Construction Survey – Final Results and Collateral Material

Good morning Construction Survey Partners –

We’re released general survey results into the wild, and I wanted to follow up with all partners to deliver a variety of data products for your organizations, at least some of which I hope you will share with your members.

A couple of notes on the survey results:

  • The large majority of survey respondents were in Minnesota, so I am not doing any state breakouts
  • I offer some sectoral breakdowns in the PPT, but do not provide the data in the spreadsheet in an effort to keep that shorter as well.
  • I can provide special cuts of the data on request
  • I am also available to talk to your members and/or board of directors to discuss survey results and other “economic conditions” matters

Next survey: On our new bi-annual survey schedule, right now I am planning on the Fall survey in early November (tentatively Nov 7-14). I’ll be in touch when we get closer to that survey.

Thank you again for your commitment to this survey. I hope it provides the value you need to continue.

Ron Wirtz
Regional Outreach Director

Pursuing an economy that works for all of us

W 612-204-5262     M  612-430-4917
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