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2018 BAM Spring Board Meeting Highlights

2018 BAM Spring Board Meeting Highlights

On Wednesday, April 25, 2018 BAM’s Board of Directors, Local Association Executive Officers and guests attended the Spring Board Meeting at CHS Field in downtown St. Paul.

The meeting included a Construction Codes Panel, consisting of Mike Paradise, Ed Von Thoma, Craig Oswell and Kurt Welker. Each of these men, chosen by BAM, sat through recent TAG meetings, giving their thoughts and opinions on how the codes have been interpreted, what is working and what isn’t.

BAM board members had the opportunity to ask them questions about the current codes as well as what to expect in the upcoming codes to be out in 2020. As BAM members, each of the board members also have access to code guides, which help a builder build to code.

BircherFilms was present at the meeting, capturing this educational discussion on video which will be available to view soon. Keep an eye out on BAM’s Facebook page for it’s release!

The board members also had several questions for the CEDIA Outreach Instructor, Alex Lelchuk who talked to the board about technology for Smart Homes. There is no denying that technology is now a part of building homes, so the board was educated on what is wise to start including in new home construction now and what should wait a few years.

The board was given a guide to help understand common tech words and phrases, as these ideas and changes are a new concept for most of us!

Another highlight of the Board Meeting was having Dennis Medo, Executive Director of Project Build Minnesota, educate the board on Project Build Minnesota’s plans and goals for getting today’s youth interested in the building industry.

The vision for Project Build Minnesota is to create a movement to empower young men and women with choices and ensure a steady flow of qualified skilled labor into Minnesota’s construction market. The effort is to educate Minnesota’s young adults and their parents, teachers and counselors that construction work is noble, exciting way to build communities and shape people’s lives. Become involved with Project Build Minnesota- it’s an Industry-wide effort!

Join us for BAM’s Summer Board Meeting on August 30, 2018 in Duluth, Minnesota!


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